BiO-FiLL Puncture Protection

BiOFiLL – plenty of nature

In many areas of our everyday life, a failing tyre can have far-reaching consequences. A flat tyre – whether on construction machinery, in forestry, agriculture or even on a wheelchair on the walkway, always costs time and money. On specialised machines in particular, tyre failure and the subsequent interruption of the work process can result in a serious economic damage that often exceeds tyre costs many times over. BiO-FiLL is a full puncture protection system for industrial and normal-sized tyres, which has already proven itself reliable in different applications. In this product, we make use of our unique HydroPUR material. After mixing its two components, BiO-FiLL is pumped into the tyre in liquid form and reacts within 24 to 48 hours at a constant temperature, forming a homogeneous, flexible elastomer core.

BiOFiLL – plenty of choices

normal tyres, e.g.:

  • cargo bikes
  • three wheelers
  • e-bike, pedelecs
  • electric scooters
  • wheelchairs
  • wheelbarrows
  • lawn tractors

industrial tyres, e.g.:

  • construction machinery
  • forklifts
  • construction vehicles
  • baggage cars
  • heavy goods vehicles for landfills and junk yards
  • agricultural machinery

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BiOFiLL – Benefits

  • Tyres are immune to penetrating foreign bodies (such as glass, metal, wood, nails and other sharp objects).
  • Trouble-free operation with absolute puncture protection.
  • Flexibility similar to air tyre.
  • Increased comfort.
  • Better road holding through better traction.
  • Low tyre maintenance through constant tyre pressure.
  • No use of carcinogenic CMR (Carcinogenic Mutagenic Reprotoxic) materials.
  • Completely non-toxic in the manufacture and within the tyre.
  • No escaping odours and hazardous gases.
  • Due to its non-toxicity, BiO-FiLL can be used in private spaces and recreation areas (wheelchairs, bicycles, sports equipment, gardening equipment, water sports e.g. fenders)
  • No hazardous waste! Absolutely easy to dispose of. BiO-FiLL is disposed of as household or commercial waste and is not subject to special legislation for toxic material.

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BiOFiLL – Specifications

  • Temperature range: -40 °C to +90 °C
  • Sustained speed 56 km/h
  • Maximum speed 85-90 km/h (Max. 4 hours)
  • Specific weight about 1 kg/litre
  • Shore hardness 15-20 Shore A

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