New Coating for Corrugated Cardboard

For many applications, corrugated cardboard is a key material. Its use ranges from simple transport packaging to complex composite materials e.g. in cars. However, its susceptibility to moisture, as well as the lack of fire resistance still constrain its limits. Our specially developed polyurethane, made of renewable and non-hazardous materials, now allows the coating of corrugated cardboard. Depending on the application, this new coating method significantly improves the structure of the corrugated cardboard.

Benefits include:

  • stability,
  • moisture resistance,
  • fire resistance.

In case of any contact with food, food safety is a fundamental factor. The selection of renewable, and label-free raw materials is part of our philosophy and guarantees safe application.

Overall, there are a variety of new applications for corrugated boards. Applications include materials for lightweight construction, the furniture industry, packaging industry and making cars, etc.

Take advantage of the benefits – we are happy to help!