Drying Tower

drying tower for moisture-sensitive materials

Our drying tower serves as a moisture barrier for our products. Furthermore it can be used for all other moisture sensitive products that need to be protected from humidity access.

Due to the special contruction it is suitable for all kinds of IBCs.  But also other containers as cans, barrels, tanks and even enigneering installations can be served by our drying tower using a suitable adapter.

trockenturm-purinvent-1 trockenturm-purinvent-2 trockenturm-purinvent-3 trockenturm-purinvent-4

We use orange silica gel with a special not hazardous humidity indicator as a drying agent only. A colour change to green-blue indicates the change needed of the drying tower.

our prices:

drying tower can: 34,90 EUR/pc. (excl. VAT)
drying tower barrel: 45,90 EUR/pc. (excl. VAT)
    Please indicate position “upright” or “lying”.
drying tower IBC: 49,90 EUR/pc.
 (excl. VAT)

drying tower storage tank: on request

You can order HERE:

Verena Beuschel
Tel.: 03 41/ 87 09 66 90