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Environmental Advantages

Environmental Advantages

Environmental Advantages

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Regarding emissions PUROLiT has considerable advantages in comparison to conventional binders.

In the case of volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), PUROLiT shows significantly lower values than phenolic resins. In addition, it could be proven that no isocyanates are released. Emission advantages are clearly visible during casting of PUROLiT-containing molded sands. For example, key components such as ammonia or nitrogen oxides have not been detected in the exhaust air.

PUROLiT has been proven to have significantly lower emissions than previously used binders.


PUROLiT-containing used sand and core sand can be deposited much cheaper, since the relevant parameters such as phenol index, DOC and aromatic hydrocarbons are strongly reduced compared to conventional binders.

While old sands with phenolic resins are assigned class 2 to landfill due to their significantly increased phenol content, used sand with PUROLiT can already be classified class 0 or 1 in landfilling depending on the binder quantity.