Filling Adapter

EASY-FiLL – our specially developed filling adapter

Motiv_Adapter_Startseite1Our filling adapter EASY-FiLL helps you filling your tyres in a safe and comfortable way!
We provide variants for snap-on valves (VG 8) and EM-valves (VG 12).


  • Remove the valve core.
  • Connect the adapter to the valve and the filling hose.
  • Connect the adapter to the valve.
  • Screw the filling hose onto the adapter.
  • Open the ball valve of the transfer adapter.
  • Fill the tyre.
  • After the filling process, close the ball valve.
  • Remove the filler hose.
  • The filling adapter remains on the valve until the hardening of the material is finished.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • The Adapter is ready for your next fill.

For a typical filling station and a smooth filling process, you will need 4 EASY-FiLL adapters of both sizes.


Our Price:

EASY-FiLL adapter VG 8: €29.90/pc. (excl. VAT)
EASY-FiLL adapter VG 12: €39.90/pc. (excl. VAT)


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