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Environmentally Friendly Raw Materials

For our product lines, the use of renewable and non-labelled raw materials is a top priority.

We differentiate between two product categories:

  • High water base two-component systems and
  • Conventional two-component systems (FlexoPUR), made of renewable raw materials.

Water makes it possible!

Our high water based formula is a novelty in polyurethane chemistry and a proprietary, in-house development of our company. It establishes new methods for system formulation and due to its special properties, such as fire resistance and biodegradability, opens up new application fields.

Next to renewable raw materials based on vegetable oil, our system contains 46 to 48% water. The water is firmly embedded in the polymer matrix and gives the product natural flame retardant properties. It is therefore unnecessary to include conventional chlorine and phosphorus-containing flame-retardants, which are hazardous to the environment and health.

Our systems are manufactured in a hardness range of 10 to 40 ShA. Through the addition of organic and/or inorganic fillers, even higher hardness values can be obtained. The reactivity can be adjusted within wide limits.

Areas of application:

  • Puncture protection BiOFiLL
  • Components
  • Building panels and elastic fasteners for fire and explosion hazard areas
  • Potting Compounds
  • Floors and other coatings, reinforced with fillers for fire-risk areas.
  • Photovoltaic
  • Latent adhesive for fixing silicon columns on glass bases

FlexoPUR – For Eco-Friendly products!

FlexoPUR systems are conventional polyurethane elastomer systems with a balanced stoichiometry between the A and B components, in a hardness range of
5 to 60 ShA. The reactivity is variable and adjustable according to the particular application.


  • Coatings for cardboard, corrugated cardboard and other excipients, to produce water-resistant materials for various applications, such as lightweight-fabrication, furniture, packaging industry, auto parts, yacht building, caravans etc.
  • Binding agents for the foundry industry, for a pollution-free and easy mould production and core injection, substituting unhealthy and environmentally harmful binder systems still in use
  • Binding agents for building and insulation materials, used for the production of lightweight panels and insulation mats from various wood and plant fibres
  • Casting materials for the production of models and decorative items


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