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Familiar processing - revolutionary binder

For the production of lost moulds for casting very complex and demanding components with very high accuracy and surface quality requirements, chemically curing binder systems have been used for many decades. Up to now, large quantities of organic and inorganic binders have been used for this purpose, which release odour-intensive and harmful emissions both during processing and casting.

From our point of view, this state of the practice should not correspond to the state of the art, which is why we had the high demand on ourselves to develop a technology that would fit to the expectations of a modern product in the 21st century.

The binder revolution

Starting with a white sheet of paper, we have completely reinvented the binder.

The result is a new type of binder resin which is not comparable in its composition with known furan or phenolic resins. We have found solutions to completely eliminate aromatics, VOCs, formaldehyde, furfuryl alcohol and all other toxic, harmful and environmental unfriendly components without reducing the technical performance.

Our PUROLiT and PUROLiT agil enable absolutely harmless processing and the reduction of moulding material-related emissions along the entire process chain of your foundry. The carefully selected ingredients in our binder resin also provide additional benefits in following process steps. This is reflected, for example, in the classification of used sands in landfill class 0. However, it is of course also possible to mechanically and thermally regenerate the moulding material with the established machinery and equipment on the usual scale.

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