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After the foundation, our company developed a large number of innovative polyurethanes with applications in a wide range of industrial sectors.

From the very beginning, the focus was on the careful selection of all raw materials used and their harmlessness to the environment. The company succeeded in developing water-containing polyurethanes based on renewable raw materials.
The tyre filler based on this polyurethane is the reliable and environmental friendly breakdown protection for all kinds of tyres.

In further development, our company for the first time was able to invent environmental friendly and highly efficient binders based on renewable raw materials for the foundry industry.  This unique and patent-protected technology formed the basis for the reorientation of the company since 2014 in Leipzig.

Current binder resin formulations  which are used for sand mould and core production, often were developed many decades ago. However, in our opinion, these resins, which are largely based on toxic raw materials, do not correspond to the state of development of a modern, safe and environmental friendly product of the 21st century.

For this reason, we have developed our range ofbinders in recent years. We thus offer our customers a true alternative for manual and automated mould and core production that combines high technical performance with outstanding environmental compatibility.

Bindur GmbH combines a modern infrastructure with its own research and development as well as the production of the innovative binders. This gives us the opportunity to offer our customers optimum support and always tailor-made solutions adapted to their individual needs, as well as to set new standards in the field of foundry binders in the future too. The continuous further reduction of emissions caused by moulding materials along the entire process chain of a foundry is our goal for the upcoming years.

We would be pleased to go this way together with you and to support you in reducing your emissions.

Please feel free to contact us for detailed information on our  binder systems. We are happy to support you!


For the first time, the toxic and odour-intensive classic binders are confronted with a repertoire of innovative polyurethanes with completely innovative properties.

Our binders enable safe and low-odour processing. The new material properties also have a positive effect on the casting result. At the same time, the environmental friendliness offers significant ecological and economic advantages, such as a drastic reduction in possible disposal costs. As a result, our binders have a never before achieved ecological balance and fully comply with the requirements of the European Chemicals Regulation REACH.


We are always looking for new employees to expand our team. If there are no specific open positions at the moment, we would still be pleased to receive your initiative application. You are welcome to send us your application by e-mail to info@bindur.de.

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