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Raw materials

Raw materials

In accordance with our corporate philosophy, the selection of the raw materials we use is our top priority. That is why we mainly use renewable and – according to REACH – non-labelled raw materials for the production of our high-quality binder systems. In this way, we enable the best possible conservation of resources and the environment with our products.

Our renowned and reputable suppliers guarantee high quality and a high level of supply security.

To ensure our own product quality, all raw materials used in production are continuously tested by our own internal quality assurance. This enables us to achieve maximum efficiency for our production process.


Our modern, computer-supported and fully automated production plant can be used multifunctionally and has a flexibly adjustable daily production quantity. Thus, despite a sustainable and lean production process design, we can react individually to short-term customer demand at any time. Its modular design and the flexible operation of the control unit enable a smooth and quick change between different recipes. Thus, the production of customised systems according to the individual requirements of the respective processes in your foundry is possible at any time.

We continuously accompany our development and production processes with modern analytics of all relevant parameters. In this way, we ensure the quality of our products from the incoming inspection for the raw materials used, through the analytical examination of certain intermediate stages, to the final inspection of the finished products.

The department, which is equipped with modern devices, enables a high degree of accuracy in carrying out these standardised analyses and guarantees reliable results for our end products.


The ready-to-use liquid binder components are usually delivered in IBCs with a capacity of 1,000 litres. However, smaller containers as well as tanker deliveries are possible at any time according to your individual wishes.

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