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In addition to our PUROLiT, which is ideal for the environmentally friendly manual production of moulds and cores, we were also able to add the non-toxic binder PUROLiT agil to this binder range. This is closely related to our PUROLiT and combines all the usual advantages of the revolutionary binder, with an enormously fast curing. This makes it suitable for the machine and automated production of cores and moulds.

Your low-emission alternative to existing cold-box core production – without amine gassing

With our PUROLiT agil, we can offer you a low-emission option for producing cores in a similar cycle time and with comparable technological properties to your existing cold box cores. The special thing about it is that, as with the classic PUROLiT binder resin, we completely avoid components that are subject to labelling, hazardous to health and harmful to the environment. Additionally we were able to eliminate the need of amine gassing.

This already results in considerable processing advantages and an enormous reduction of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) during the mould and core production. But this is only the beginning..

The revolution for the automated core production

With our PUROLiT agil, we have developed an organic binder that combines the positive technological properties of established organic binders with the environmental and emission advantages of inorganic binders.

This means for you:

Advantages PUROLiTagil:

We are currently conducting joint technical trials with several development partners in order to be able to guarantee you all the potential advantages of our PUROLiT agil under industrial application conditions.

The key to low cycle times – the thermokick

Cycle times play a decisive role, especially in automated core production and in fully automated process chains. With the help of a tool tempered slightly above 100°C and hot air gassing, we achieve process times that enable our customers to easily convert their sequenced production to our PUROLiT agil, as these are very comparable to those of the existing cold box core production.

Benefit from the advantages of our PUROLiT agile – we will be happy to inform you in detail.

With our many years of know-how and our own R&D department, we are always able to make special adaptations to the individual conditions of your core shop and foundry in order to fully meet your high expectations of our PUROLiT agil.

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